Customized Programs for Individuals

The Columbia University Center for Technology Management's Customized Program for Individuals will help you build and maintain your strategic viability:

  • By maintaining your technical vitality

  • Developing your personal brand, and

  • Establishing your intellectual legacy


Mentor Program at the Center for Technology Management

As a Mentor, you gain access to an exclusive network of like-minded individuals.

You spend time at Columbia University maintaining your technical vitality and building your lifetime profession through our regular educational programs, events, discussions, and activities, and the resources and expertise of all of Columbia’s major schools.

You spend time mentoring students in our advanced degree programs, enabling you to be involved, first-hand, in the technology ideas and businesses being built by our students.

You spend time developing your personal brand and intellectual legacy.

The Center for Technology Management becomes your place to go for information, ideas, access, and networking, your place to build and maintain your strategic viability.

It becomes your new home, your home for creating your lifetime profession, for as long as you decide to remain active.

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Lifetime Profession

In this time of rapid technological and organizational change, The Center’s Lifetime Profession Program helps leaders build and maintain their strategic viability by maintaining technical vitality, developing their personal brand, and establishing their intellectual legacy.  Through this program, you join an exclusive group of like-minded individuals, take part in educational programs, and mentor students in the Technology Management degree programs to be involved in the technology ideas and businesses being invented and built by students.  The Center becomes your home to build and maintain your professional life.

Technical Vitality

New technologies, requirements, and possibilities are released daily, and executives need to be able to understand the opportunities and decide what to pursue.  The knowledge and skills they used in the past – often developed to meet the former requirements of their organizations – are becoming obsolete.  Executives need to have a way to stay on top of what’s new in the business world, interact with those doing the work of the future, and connect with the top technology thinkers.  The Center’s Technical Vitality Program gives executives the education, skills, and access they need to learn about, observe, and participate in the new technologies.  With this knowledge and experience, they can remain productive and value-providing across a range of organizations and opportunities. The Technical Vitality Program is one part of the overall Lifetime Profession Program.

Personal Brand

Employment is changing in this time of rapid global technological and organizational disruption.  Once, jobs and responsibilities were defined by the organization, but new structures, functions, and requirements mean that jobs are in flux.  Executives need to maintain their managerial, strategic, and technical viability by building their personal brand – what they know and can do.  The Center’s Personal Brand Program gives executives the ability to gain the education and skills they can use to build their personal brand, independent of traditional structures, to expand the value they provide and create a new set of opportunities.  The Personal Brand Program is one part of the overall Lifetime Profession Program.

Intellectual Legacy

Top performers build a legacy of knowledge and accomplishment, according to the needs of their organizations.  Their work, expertise, and production are defined by their jobs, positions, and functions.  Going forward, as these jobs and organizations are being disrupted and transformed by technology, these top performers need to expand their legacies into the future; they do this by gaining new knowledge and expertise to drive new accomplishment, independent of traditional structures and out-of-date requirements.  The Center’s Intellectual Legacy Program gives executives the education, skills, and opportunities to build a legacy that lasts a lifetime, and beyond.  These executives continue to learn, mentor future generations, publish what they know, and invest in themselves, so they can continue to grow, provide value, and develop a vision of their future.  The Intellectual Legacy Program is one part of the overall Lifetime Profession Program.