Membership for Organizations

The Columbia University Center for Technology Management for Organizations

Organizations must remain strategically viable:

  • With a focus on the strategic use of technology to create differentiation
  • A focus on leadership to match the strategic differentiation
  • And a focus on advanced education and degree programs to build technology management capabilities

Organizational Membership at the Center for Technology Management

As a Member, you gain access to an exclusive network of organizations associated with Columbia University.

You spend time with the Center for Technology Management leveraging our expertise in the use and management of technology to create strategic differentiation and gain the clarity to lead in this era of technological transformation.

The Center for Technology Management is university-wide, giving you access to the resources and expertise of all of Columbia’s major schools, including Columbia Business School and the Columbia School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Your leaders and senior executives participate in our educational programs, events, discussions, and activities, all designed to develop their abilities to meet your strategic and leadership needs.  Or, we will design programs specifically for you.

The Center for Technology Management at Columbia University becomes your place to go, to build and maintain your organization’s strategic viability.

For further information, continue reading, view our presentation Strategic Viability, or contact Tom Cowan at

Lifetime Profession for Organizations

In this time of rapid global technological and organizational change, organizations are looking for ways to develop the leaders they need with the knowledge and skills to develop strategies, make decisions, and build initiatives into the future.  Organizations are encouraged to sponsor executives for membership in the Center’s Lifetime Profession Program, which helps leaders build and maintain their strategic viability, technical vitality, and intellectual legacy.  Organizations gain the transfer of knowledge, informed leadership, and customized educational programs to strengthen their ability to thrive in the new business world.

Technical Vitality for Organizations

Organizations need top leaders – Board members, C-Suite, and executives – who understand new technologies, requirements, and possibilities, and who can make valid strategic and technological decisions.  Old knowledge and skills are no longer sufficient; executives need to stay on top of what’s new in the business world, interact with those doing the work of the future, and connect with top technology thinkers. The Center’s Technical Vitality Program gives executives the education, skills, and access they need to learn about, observe, and participate in the new technologies.  With this knowledge and experience, they can remain productive and value-providing across a range of organizations and opportunities. The Technical Vitality Program is one part of the overall Lifetime Profession Program.

Personal Brand for Organizations

Organizations need top leaders – Board members, C-Suite, and executives – who are able to manage and make the right decisions in a time of rapid global technological change.  Old job descriptions and structures are no longer valid; rather, organizations need people with the education, skill, and thinking that can take them into the future.  The Center’s Personal Brand Program gives executives the ability to gain the education and skills they can use to build their personal brand, independent of traditional structures, to expand the value they provide and create a new set of opportunities.  The Personal Brand Program is one part of the overall Lifetime Profession Program.

Intellectual Legacy for Organizations

Organizations build a body of knowledge, expertise, and accomplishment through the work of their top performers doing defined work in structured positions.  In a world of rapid technological change, this legacy of performance is not sufficient to take the organization into the future.  Organizations need to expand their intellectual legacy into the future, and they do this by expanding the intellectual legacies of their Board members, C-Suite, and executives. The Center’s Intellectual Legacy Program gives executives (and therefore their organizations) the education, skills, and opportunities to build a legacy that lasts a lifetime, and beyond.  These executives continue to learn, mentor future generations, publish what they know, and invest in themselves, so they can continue to grow, provide value, and develop a vision of their future.  The organization gains further from an ongoing transfer of knowledge to its future leaders.  The Intellectual Legacy Program is one part of the overall Lifetime Profession Program.

Customized Programs for Organizations

We have customized programs that may be tailored to fit your organization’s needs. Learn about our customized programs for organizations.