Membership Selection


  • Applicants must be seasoned, accomplished professionals from any industry.

  • An admissions interview is required.



  1. Complete the online webform, which should include a link to your online resume

  2. If you do not have your resume online or on LinkedIn, email your resume to

For International Participants

Courses are held in English and participants should feel comfortable learning and communicating in this language.

This program does not qualify international participants for a student visa.

To take advantage of all the benefits of this program, we encourage, but do not require, your participation in our in-person events in New York City. For applicants who need a visa to travel to the United States, we suggest that you apply early to allow sufficient time for your visa processing formalities.



If an applicant is accepted to the program, the participant will follow this procedure:

  1. Confirm intent to enroll and pay the membership fee of $50,000 prior to attending.

  2. All applicants must provide written consent to participate in a verification process of all academic, professional, and reference information provided during their application process.