Columbia University and Nutanix Team to Mentor IT Executives on Multicloud Era

The multi-cloud era represents a quantum leap that is changing the enterprise IT landscape, creating digital disruption and new ways of thinking about private, public and edge requirements. As the pace of change accelerates, it has become increasingly difficult for IT management to sift through mountains of sometimes contradictory information and plan the best path forward for their organizations and teams. 

To promote greater understanding of the latest technology trends, opportunities, and challenges, the Columbia University Center for Technology Management (CTM) is teaming with Nutanix to bring great content and world-class educators to IT leaders around the globe.

CTM was founded on the recognition that accelerating technology change is an existential threat to every organization—and a major disruptor to the careers of individuals. Its mission is to help organizations focus on the strategic use of technology to create differentiation and help individuals maintain their technical vitality. These goals are achieved through a variety of programs for ongoing education and an extensive network of mentors with expertise in specific industries, as well as specific technical and management disciplines.

As an industry disruptor and leading provider of enterprise cloud solutions to enterprises, Nutanix focuses on simplifying and harmonizing datacenter operations for today's multi-cloud world. Because of its vantage point at the intersection of enterprise IT and the public cloud, Nutanix is uniquely positioned to help enterprise leaders understand new technology options and consumption models. 

Dr. Arthur Langer, Director, Columbia University Center for Technology Management |
Virginia Gambale, Managing Partner, Azimuth Trust, LLC |
Julie O’Brien, SVP of Corporate Marketing, Nutanix |
April 11, 2018