Dr. Art Langer Discusses How GDPR Will Impact American Companies at AFDIT Conference in Marseille

Dr. Art Langer, Director of Columbia University’s Center for Technology Management and Founder of Workforce Opportunity Services, recently participated in a conference hosted by AFDIT in Marseille.

The conference delved into how the ever-changing landscape of technology impacts global economies. During the session, Dr. Langer delivered remarks on the American perspective of general data protection regulations (GDPR).

In May 2018, the European Union will implement new laws surrounding GDPR that will give citizens more power over their data. The regulations are designed to collectively consolidate data protection for all individuals living in the EU. Everything from banks to social media corporations and other companies that collect personal data will be impacted by the new GDPR laws. The changes will also affect how companies from other countries who are handling the personal data of EU residents operate; including businesses based in the United States.

Dr. Langer delved into how one of the biggest alterations in European data protection in nearly two decades will impact businesses in the U.S. “In regards to the upcoming GDPR changes, the focus needs to be on cultivating a culture that is sensitive to data protection,” said Dr. Langer. “Although processes are needed, the emphasis needs to be on properly educating individuals and companies who are working with sensitive personal data.”

The conference also featured insights surrounding tools that data protection officers can utilize for the implementation of GDPR, the overall economic impact that GDPR will have in the EU, and the outlook for French-based companies following the data protection changes.

November 27, 2017