Esade University visits CTM for Digital Transformation Seminar

January 27, 2020

Students from Esade University visited Columbia University for a Digital Transformation Seminar that took place from January 13 to January 17 in New York City.

On January 13, Steve Bandrowczak, President & COO of Xerox, and his staff hosted the Esade students in the morning. In the afternoon, Richard Entrup, Managing Director of Enterprise Innovation & 5G Solutions at Verizon, and Art Langer, Director of CTM, presented to the group.

On January 14, activities were held on the Columbia University campus. Thomas Cowan, Associate Director of CTM and Deirdre Silberstein, President & owner of Silberstein & Associates LLC, discussed digital transformation with the students. 

On January 15, Thomas Cowan continued the discussion about digital transformation and was later joined by guest speaker Michael Abboud, CEO of TetherView. The students also toured the Columbia University campus.

On January 16, Thomas Yee and Dan Fischer, both Partners at @KnobbeMartens, joined Thomas Cowan's lectures and discussed intellectual property and technology law. After the day's lectures, the Esade group took a Circle Line boat cruise to see famous New York landmarks, including the Statue of Liberty. 

On January 17, Omnicom hosted the Esade students. Craig Cuyar, SVP and Global CIO, and Leif Maiorini, SMD IT Operations, discussed data and digital transformation.


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Day 1 at Xerox Offices and Columbia University:

Day 2 at Columbia University:
Day 3 at Columbia University:
Day 4 at Columbia University and the Circle Line Boat Cruise:
Day 5 at Omnicom and the United Nations: