Banesh Prabhu

London, United Kingdom

Banesh is a fintech services veteran and pioneer in Technology & Operations solutions management. He has developed and implemented globally unique strategies including next generation digital capabilities for servicing clients. He has managed senior global responsibilities in Operations, Distribution, Divestures, Integration, digital services and a diverse range of technology for over 30 years; for 23 of these he was in Citibank as Global Head – servicing 80m clients in 55+ international markets whilst managing over $3B in expenses and 35K+ FTE. During these years, he pioneered creation of multiple global hubs and drove digitization services & processes. His entrepreneurial skills have resulted in the formation of many companies both personally and for his employers. By using new technology, scalability and his extensive global experience in the digital and mobile world, he affected improvements in user experience and agility, which were critical for delivering future business needs. At Citigroup he was a senior member of the Global Consumer Planning Group, Global Cards Executive Committee, Global Operations Council and Information Technology Leadership Council for several years. In his last role, he was a member of the Executive Committee and head of O&T for Thailand’s leading universal banking group - Siam Commercial Bank. He is also an active entrepreneur, acting as a mentor, director and investor for fintech organisations. He has pioneered many digital start-ups for web, mobile & data analytics, leading implementations of innovative capabilities far ahead of their time.

One of Banesh’s biggest strength is leadership in identifying and implementing future-facing technologies and capabilities in a continually changing landscape. He brings teams together, builds motivation and drives everyone towards the organizations transformation goals. His fintech, process and strategic skills is bolstered by strong implementation/execution skills. Recently he was named as one of Asia's top information executives in the financial services industry by IDC Financial Insights in CIO ASIA 2014

During his Global Roles as Group Head of O&T, Chief Operations Officer for Citigroup’s International Banking and a large financial services group in Thailand, Banesh has always succeeded in identifying novel and creative capabilities using emerging technologies and coached the management to deliver change. He has opened communications, created synergies, instituted governance, strengthened project management and ensured that all promises are delivered. He has was instrumental in leading the transformation of the operating model by off-shoring processes and migrating services for 80m customers by creating 10 Global centres, optimising the operational team by standardising, simplifying and digitising technology & processes, lowering costs. Importantly, he derived significant efficiencies by implementing key digital capabilities and Straight Through Processes (STP), improving customer service and revenue by using creative data analytics, strengthening controls, setting up governance forums; this was accompanied by specific focus on program management and upgrading technology that resulted in the development of many mobile banking/on-line solutions.

These process management skills were developed during the time that he was a key member of a small working group - the Citibank Chairman’s Global team -  focussed on launching a global Total Quality Management initiative (TQM). He was certified as one of Citibank’s earliest Quality Blackbelts. During the two rewarding years with Siam Commercial Bank as Group Head, Technology & Operations, he had to bring about a unique cultural change to improve performance and create the foundations to build SCB into a globally recognised bank for the future. This included many cloud services, new payment & lending capabilities and integrating many new start-up systems along with building an innovation team and culture.

A Fintech Investor/Partner in an Investment Fund; Member EXCO Intellect a Global Tech leader, Networking provider Globallinker and is a Senior Advisor with BCG.