Hubert Tardieu

Paris, France

Hubert Tardieu is an engineer from the French Grande Ecole SUPELEC with a degree in Economy. He started his career with IBM in the USA, then was in Africa for two years and after that, joined the French Administration in a research centre specializing in database management systems. With his team he developed Merise, a method to design and build Information System. He joined SEMA in 1984 as CTO and monitored large projects in Defence, Nuclear, Payment Systems, and drove a large Software Engineering Research Project. In 1993, he started the first transversal strategic business unit dedicated to Telecom which he helps to grow as the first market in SEMA. He was part of the Executive Committee of Sema Group. With the acquisition of SEMA by Schlumberger, he took the responsibility of the Group Finance Service Business and then the responsibility of the global Service Line Systems Integration. When Atos Origin acquired SEMA, he continued as EVP Global Systems Integration augmented with Global Consulting in 2004 with a turnover in excess of 2.7 B €. In 2008, he was asked to drive Innovation & Partnership. He became a member of the executive committee of Atos Origin when it was created in January 2007. Atos Origin become Atos in July 2011 after the merger with SIS, the IT arm of Siemens with 78,500 employees and a turnover in excess of 6.8 B€. Since March 2009, he is CEO Advisor and Co-Chairman of the Scientific Community which is regrouping the 135 best Scientists of Atos to help the CEO forge his 5-year strategic vision. In 2017 the turnover was 13B€ with a headcount of 100,000 employees.

Hubert Tardieu has been a board member of Infovista SA for more than 10 years; he was also a reviewer of Information & Management, the reference journal of Elsevier for Information System.