Kevin Field

Brewster, NY

Kevin Field is a CIO and transformation leader with a track record of helping companies grow, gain new efficiencies and cut costs through digital, data and analytics, and technology. He has the unique perspective and experience gained from working in corporate, management consulting and private equity owned companies, with a greenfield and by conducting 35 acquisitions.

Kevin has been recognized as a top achiever. At Hub International, the 6th largest insurance brokerage in the world, Kevin joined as CIO Northeast and was subsequently appointed to a group CIO position.  At Hub, Kevin led strategic change in sales, customer experience and business operations, built a high-performance culture, consolidated applications and centralized IT globally.  Prior to Hub, Kevin held leadership positions with, or consulted for, Deloitte Consulting, Pfizer, The Hartford, Nationwide, Prudential, ISO, Heineken, Medco Health, General Reinsurance (Berkshire Hathaway) as well as boutiques.

As a thought leader, Kevin serves on governing bodies and an advisory board, his work has been published and he has spoken at conferences.  As a mentor, he’s advised several technology startups and has served as an innovation judge.